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Mr. Colin Ashmore Buttermere    I have been judging for over 20 years. I am passed to award CC’s at Championship Show level in Beagles, Whippets & Bloodhounds. I am also passed to award green stars in all coats of Dachshunds, Deerhounds and Basenjis. In 2001 I am able to award for CC’s in Bassets and Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I still breed and exhibit Beagles. I have exported stock to Europe and Australia that have been made into Champions. I have judged breed club shows for beagles in Denmark and Switzerland.
Mrs. Denise Ashmore Buttermere   I am passed to award CC’s in Beagles and am judging
the Danish Beagle Club in 2001.
Mrs. Eleanor Bothwell Norcis 1973 Awards CC`s in Afghan Hounds, Beagles, Whippets, Pharaoh Hounds, Bichon Frise & also judges the Hound Group. Has judged in England & Australia

Mr. Andrew Brace
Tragband 1976 Current Breeder/Exhibitor of Beagles. Approved to judge 60 breeds at Championship level, also the Hound, Working, Pastoral, Utility and Toy Groups as well as Best in Show. Judged Beagles at the World Show in 1998 and has officiated at several breed specialties overseas. Has judged Crufts and overseas assignments include USA, many European Countries, Australia & NZ, and in most South American countries. Author of several books.
Mrs. Veronica Bradley Dufosee 1975 Current breeder & Exhibitor of Champion Beagles. Have exported Champion stock all over the world. Have judged overseas on many occasions. Only award CC’s in Beagles.
Mr. Ken Burgess Dufosee   Awards CC’s in Beagles, Welsh Springers, English Springer, and Pointers. Current breeder & Exhibitor Beagles. Have exported Champion stock all over the world. Has judged overseas many times.
Ms. Serena Parker Serenaker 1998 Owned and showed Beagles for 26 years. Awarded CC’s in the UK since 1998, & have awarded CC’s in the UK 4 times.
Have also judged Beagles in Denmark & Germany.
Current breeder/exhibitor of Beagles & Pharaoh Hounds, including 2 group winners & BOB Crufts ’06.

Mrs. Jill Peak
Bayard 1968 Currently breeds and exhibits Beagles. International judge for many Hound breeds. Awards CC’s in Beagles, Dachshunds (6), Bassets, P.B.G.V., Pharaoh Hounds, Ibizian Hounds, and the Hound Group. Has judged in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

Ms Dianna Spavin
Dialynne   I have been judging since the early 70’s I award CC’s in 12 breeds in the Hound Group including Beagles ,I judged Beagles at Crufts 06.I am also passed to do the Hound Group and award CC’s in the Toy and Utility Groups. I judge extensively abroad
Mrs. Marion Spavin Dialynne   One of the oldest, still active breeders in England. Judged Beagles in most European countries and Australia. Judges many other breeds also.

Mr. Basil Waterton
Riversong 1978 Have awarded CCs in Germany, Australia and twice in New Zealand. I still breed but as ever only one or two litters a year.  I have an unbroken line of Riversong bitches going back to 1967. Have made up 5 champions.
Nigel Blackstock Ardvreck 2002 I have owned and shown beagles since 1975 and first judged beagles in 1989.  I have owned champion beagles and Pharaoh Hounds and worked with over 30 champions in Beagles, Pharaoh Hounds, Whippets, Min Pins and Smooth Dachshunds.  I have accepted my first overseas judging appointment in Denmark, Jan  2006.