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Ms. Sue Bownds
Nangunyah 1980 I have been breeding beagles since 1977, and am still currently exhibiting and have bred over 75 champions in Australia, U.S. and New Zealand.
I have judged specialties in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Finland, South Africa and the U.K. I judge All breeds. I have been judging since 1980.
Mrs Leanne Duval Beagelee 2005 I have been breeding Beagles successfully since 1983 and have  travelled to many different countries to see Beagles around the world.
These countries include the Very Special Show in Denmark, USA (I have  attended 4 Nationals), England, Finland and the World Show in  Amsterdam
I have just begun my judging adventure and can now judge all breeds in the Hound group.

Linda Field
Mistfield 1966 I have been involved in dogs for 30 years, breeding firstly English Cocker Spaniels and now Beagles.I judge both Hounds and Gundogs and have judged both groups in Australia and New Zealand. I have judged a Beagle Specialty in Australia.
Mrs. Gwen Ford Abergwyn and Engerm 1995 I am licenced to judge all hounds at championship level. I got my first Beagle in the early 1970’s.  I started judging in the late 1980’s and have judged Beagles and Hound Shows in several States of Australia.
I also judge Novice Obedience.

Ms Gwenda Golding
Urliup 1995 I have been breeding and showing beagles since 1983 and as well as awarding CC’s at All Breeds Shows have judged a specialty show.

Mrs. Noreen Harris
Bonnymead 1986 Currently judge Toys, Terriers,  Gundogs and Hounds. Have judged at Specialties & major shows in  Australia, England, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Thailand and New Zealand.  Currently breeding & exhibiting Beagles & Whippets.

Ms. Jill Kirk
Balihai 1974 Has been breeding and exhibiting Beagles since 1958. I have judged Beagles for 25 years. I judge all Hounds and have judged Beagles in USA, England and Australia, including specialties.
Karen Mangan Treeview 2010 My first show dog was a English Pointer which took over 20 BIS. Beagles have been in my life for the past 20 years. I have been lucky to show and co-own some of the best Beagles in Australia with Filnor Beagles. I bred my first litter 7 years ago. From this I have bred and owned Specialty Best in show winners, Royal BOB  winners. BIS and RUBIS winners.I have the Gundog and Hound groups.
Mrs. Jane Millar Semeru 1980 I am approved to judge all Hounds, and have judged Beagles in Australia, New Zealand and England.

Mrs. Marion Watson
Sligrachan 1984 Breeder since 1968. Qualified judge for All
Breeds. Has judged Beagles throughout Australia and New Zealand also in UK and Ireland. Judged the English Beagle Club Show in 1993 and Beagles at the Scottish Kennel Club Show in 1996. Also own and breed Mini smooth Dachshunds.
Ms Carole Woolcock Peelsview 1978 I have been Licensed to judge all Hound breeds for over 20 years and all Gundog breeds for over 10 years. I have judged Beagles in most States of Australia and New Zealand. I bred and exhibited Basset Hounds for 20 years before becoming a
Beagle enthusiast. I have owned beagles since 1984 and at present have a litter of beagles that represents my 5th generation of beagle breeding.

Heather Jones
Sligrachan 2000 I have been  licensed to judge hounds since 2000.  I was born into the beagle family under the prefix “Sligrachan” I have been showing/ breeding and beagles for all my life.   “Sligrachan” has been established for over 40 years,
Robert Lucas Ravenwynter. 2006 I am licensed to judge Toys, Terriers, Gundogs (Sporting), Hounds and the Non Sporting groups, and can award CCs for all breeds in those groups. I have judged extensively in Australia, including Dalmatian Specialties in several states of Australia and the USA. I acquired my first Beagle in 2007, and from my first litter have bred 3 Australian Champions. I have judged Beagles throughout Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, and also in the USA. In 2010, I judged a Beagle Specialty in Thailand, and in May 2011 as a Hound Specialist, I judged a Basset Hound Specialty in Los Angeles, USA.