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Mrs. Lesley Hiltz Torbay


Starbuck Torbay

1974 I have judged Beagle  Specialties in Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Mexico, Philippines & USA.

Still currently breeding & exhibiting.

I judge the Hounds, Toys & Herding, Non Sporting groups and 9 Working breeds, as well as BIS.


David Hiltz



Starbuck Torbay


2000 I am approved to judge Beagles, and 15 other Hound breeds.


I have judged at all breeds shows and Beagle Specialties in the Czech Republic, Mexico, Sweden & Denmark as well as in the US (including
the 2004 National Specialty)

Robert L Boothe


Southspring 1973 I began showing and breeding Beagles in 1963.
I have judged six different Beagle Specialties (some of them twice) plus the 1998 National Beagle Club Specialty.  I have judged in Monterrey, Mexico.

I judge all the Hounds and six of the Sporting breeds.



Skip Herendeen

Chardeen 1988 Began breeding and showing Beagles and Smooth Fox Terriers in 1970 when I inherited our Kennel name from my father, Chuck Herendeen.

I currently judge all Hounds & the Hound Group, most of the Sporting Group, Juniors, Misc class & BIS.

I have judged three Beagle Specialties in the US plus I judged the NBC National Specialty in 2005. I have judged in Mexico 3 times as well as Guatemala.

Richard Reynolds Englandale 1981 Breeder of  Beagles from 1965 to 1982 and English Foxhounds from 1977 to 1990 with Best in Show winners in each breed.

I was an AKC licensed professional handler specializing in Beagles. I judge all hound breeds and most terriers.


(201) 943-3370

(201) 569-6460.

Barbara W Keenan Wishing Well   I have been in beagles since 1950. I am actively breeding and showing mainly in New England.

I judged the National Beagle Club specialty in 2003 and I judge all terriers, toys as well as Beagles, English Cockers and Poodles and judged the Terrier group at Westminster in 2002, 40 years after going Best in Show there with my West Highland White Terrier in 1962

Janelle Holmes Wildair   Started showing beagles in about 1992, and breeding in 1994. My original beagle was from one of Riley Whittaker, Jr.’s last litters with the Yaupon Row prefix. Since that time, I have striven to maintain the same type and correctness of structure and temperament.

I have judged numerous specialty shows all over the country and was a professional handler for over 20 years of many breeds in all the groups. Currently, as of 2009, I am approved to do Basset Hounds (my first breed), Beagles, Dachshunds, American Staffordshire Terriers,

Petit Basset Griffon, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Whippet and Afghans
and Junior Showmanship

Andrea Bradford Crackerland
2006 I bred and exhibited Beagles for many years, with several group placers and 2 top ten dogs.  I started judging in 2006, with Beagles, English Foxhounds and Samoyeds, and now also judge Borzoi, Whippets, Salukis and Jr. Show.