Sires of the Past

Whilst going through some old pedigrees, I found this list of Top Producers, prepared by a company called National Breeders Registry. Preparation date, October 15th 1966. (The paperwork was scanned into my computer, so it is possible the computer may have misread a character)

Dual CH Amawalk Link

CH Riverpark Bright Boy

CH Thornridge Wrinkles

Some Top Producing Sires:

Ch Thornridge Toney # 983238

Sire of 34 Champions:

Ramsay’s Gay Jeane X-35416 Kinsman Toni H-29422 Ramsay’s Cheer Leader H-15103 Willow Cove Charm H-8375 Ralph’s Chum A-791909 Hobby Hollow Traveler .4-788212 Sogo Singaway A-716737 Joyrfu1 of Culver Hill A-673673 Anchorage Sea Mist A-666545 Ralph’s Tonette A-603428 Honor of Walnut hall A-573508 Mischief of Culver Hill A-570061 Tyah Topaz A-558656 Culver’s Franklin Jay A-509209 Newman’s Toney A-506598 Trudy Ann A-434868 Masterly Cleopatra A-432078Culver’s Comet A-392494 Harmonic of Walnut Hall A-383605 Huntsman of Walnut Hall A-382463 Harvest of Walnut Hall A-382461 Thornridge Toney’s Boy A-306450 Eberle’s Princess A-362110 Craftsman of Walnut Hall A-281661 Charity of Walnut Hall A-281660 Carefree of Walnut Hall A-281659 Cheerful of Walnut Hall A-281658 Prairie Creek Packstress A-277554 Merry Belle Hicks A- 265630 Ramsay’s Step Ahead Toney A-15101 Ralph’s Bit o’ Honey A-791911 Eberle’s Diana A-362111 Davidson’s Heather Belle A-378452 Brownie of Pinicon A-325400

Ch Thornridge Wrinkles # H-8855

Sire of 76 champions

Thornridge Daisey Mae H-134429 Full-O-Wrinkles H-143479 Tic-On’s Whimsey H-157112 Hobby Holly Cindy H-35652 Security Stylish Bess H-176350 Cry Baby of Pinewood H-159215 The Music Master from Mel Hara H-133288 Honor’s Twin H-104262 Rubino’s Bows H-104202 Bar Crest Little Jack H-82286 Kinsman Karefree H-79451 Dellwood Rosemary H-78610 Jacobi’s Judge H-74926 Kinsman Kricket H-59169 Easterwood Winkle H-57966 Chessman of Walnut Hall H-56454 Rose-A-Lee Wrinkles H-48734 Security Smokey H-46753 Security Symbol H-46752 Security Salute H-46751 Hobby Hollow Hunter H-35655 Martin Spitz ‘s Yankee Clipper H-169260 Thornridge Scarlett H-171036 Eberle’s Showmaid H-148833 Thornridge Comet H-173559 Thornridge Craftsman H-293750 Sureplace Lad H-182535 Ozaukee’s Color Sergeant H-182523 Bob Culton’s Bunny H-132497 Brettman’s Scuffy Boy H-247921 Boja Annabel H-132000 Thornridge Chloe H-276149 Kinsman Kre-ton H-208567 Thornridge Allegro H-184552 Bob Culton’s Little Wrinkles H-359058 Brettman’s Pegasus H-243463 Ritter’s Sweet Sue H-308739 Cedar Grove Cedric H-333529 Mallory’s Rock-A-Bye Bantie H-366332 Char-Juan’s Fortuna H-355569 Meander Bugler H-373555 Larchmoor Jaunty Juno H-318419’ Manuella De Aquino Rancho H-282355 Doctor of Turkey Run H-173023 Kinsman Mr. Kallahan H-287363 ‘ Travis Court Molly Malone H-430399 Kinsman Kapricorn H-343402 Travis Court Thornwrinkle H-430397 Thornridge Gaiety H-408900 Char-Mar Fashion H-457456 BoJa Cherokee H-324 754 Char-Mar Rochester H-457455 Char-Juan’s Senior Juan H-355567 Travis Court Pennlo Peachie H-498279 Lady Bib Van Wrinkles H-381076 Sweet Adeline of Park Lane H-502567 Clark’s Lackawana Lad H-634150 Thornridge Showman H-474406 Char-Juan’s General Patton H-507737 Sogo Stand Out H-505561 Thornridge Fashion H-526710 Maltbie’s Sammy H-712348 Thornridge Jinny H-526708 Travis Court Lucy Gallant H-498280 Gayek’s John Alden H-540265 Thornridge Jane H-596249 Thornridge Tess H-502570 Gayek’s Thankful H-540268 Rocky Wrinkles H-452 968 Thornridge Ebony H-513239 Cedar Grove Carlo H-531721 Thornridge Mombo H-513237 Tick Tack of Park Lane H-559700 Thornridge Jenny H-596250 Johane Thistledown H-8666~8 Clark’s Lackawana Tony H-736366

Ch. Altopa Atom # H-27185 (13″ Beagle)  

Sire of 29 Champions:

Opus Cresendo H-70667 Miller’s Penny H-72857 Ridgehill Rock H-91825 Buckeye Satin H-105669 End O’ Maine Sweetheart H-111780 Penny Atom H-116018 Round Table’s Copper Lass H-116084 Round Table’s Blaze H-116085 Windanola Charm H-136999 Nobil Hill Mike H-150295 Opus Jester H-216382 Del-Rad Faith H-81889 Fiedler’s Atomic Lady H-112537 El- Mar Showman H-188946 Del-Rad Hope H-81890 Pendell’s Lotta Chatter H-268481 Buck Run Shadrack H-273567 Spike Atom H-291937 Hi-Line Gallant Bo H-245695 Altopa Atom II H-361815 Linghurst Atom H-386993 Buck Run Shahairazaide H-366568 Pendell’s Win-Sum Bell H-268482 . Buck Run Rebecca H-366567 Flo’s Peg of My Heart H-455332 Dale’s Success Frisco Atom H-411322 Dale’s Skipper II H-483 192 Mount Riga Rubin II H-457491 Linghurst Linda H-726 707

Ch. Charmac Gay Boy # A-472481  

Sire of 32 Champions:

Rich’s Happy Girl H-93829 Opus Calliope H-70682 Caranci’s Walnut H-64 704 Harriman’s Gay Boy H-63681 Patten Hill Teacher H-51837 Patten Hill Tuneful H-51836 Culver’s Mary H-46141 Chamont Prompter H-23178 Rich’s Cobber H-16264 Delview Little Lady C IT-13160 Little Victory’s Neida H-8669 Verzone’s Cantonia H-8514 Hoch’s Cadence H-5722 Ralph’s Gay Boy A-99649O Manly’s Betty Lou A-921757 Miller’s G I Joe A-920747 Greylag Checkers A-917534 C. S. Robbin A-896427 Culverts Carol A-860560 Pepper of Pine Lodge A-842471 C. S. Gaypanel A-780656 C. S. Gaylad A-780655 Harriman ‘ S Donnie Dover A-770253 Edgewood Gay Girl A_768726 Jim. Dandy of Pine Lodge A-765338 Gay Boy’s Faith A-764890 Golden Forest Chimes A-720095 Culverts Colleen A-635162 Culverts Copperhead A-635161 Culverts Laddie Buck A-635159 Boja Bell H-163486 Corley’s Crusader H-268583

Ch. Kinsman High Jinks # H-121873

Sire of 36 Champions:

Travis Court Terwilliger H-219845 Gaycroft Baker’s Brando H-301127 Travis Court Tru-Love H-219843 Baker’s Button H-299613 Gaycroft Baker’s Bart H-292147 Maltbies Little Cinderella H-3676~7 Merry Chase Jester H-343476 Kinsman Master H-339326 Skywood Pepperette H-376804 Maltbies Sergeant Bill H-367669 Thornridge Prim H-192999 Maltbies Lady Diantha H-367648 Travis Court Tin Cup Fortune H-388373 Pendell’s Captivating Cutie H-412530 Teddie of Roselawn H-398 404 Wal-Dor’s Duchess H-580&73 Whitson’s Tim Tex H-526168 Whitson’s Wilma Lee H-526172 Wal-Dor’s Princess H-665474 Shirlwood Signature H-~80369 Kinsman Jasper H-412451 Skywood By Jinks H-376805 Kinsman Mascot H-479887 Har-Val’s Tiny Tim H-736166 Elsy’s Little Willie H-738912 Validay Fashion H-723996 Har-Val’s April H-834583 Pine Crest Mischief H-798690 Johnson’s Little Jinks H-843472 Har-Val’s Trudy H-736164 Kinsman Bettina H-748182 Kinsman Buttons II HA-196590 Pine Crest Bandito HA-321196 Har-Val’s Ms rry Mischief HA-398862 Pine Crest Magee Gypsy HA-321195 Wright-Eager Gay Carouse HA-307322

Ch. Charmac Gay Lad # A-192053

Sire of 19 Champions:

Charmac Clipper A-879267 Strain’s Whitdale Laddie A-784582 Charmac Gay Blade A-761655 Royal Oak Ronny A-708 995 Babylonian Bellman A-681801 Babylonian Bashful A-681799 Charmac Temptress A-667453 Krall’s wise Lady A-652290 Kinsman Vixen A-600008 Culver’s Charmac Judy A-570560 Culver’s Charmac Duchess A-570559 Charmac Little Colonel A-510173 Charmac Gay Boy A-472481 Foxcatcher Flirt A-464965 Jaggerwood Duchess A-426216 Wakem’s Jenny Wren A-411225 Charmac Drummer A-358175 Chatterbox of Walnut Hall A-324551 Charmac Little Count A-319637

Charijos Lonesome # A-399142

Sire of 2 Champions:

Charijos Rosita H-154286 Betsy Jane Bugler H-676099

Davidson’s Super Sandy # A-73675\ Sire of 2 Champions:

Altopa’s Able Tuck H-29165 Altopa Atom H-27185

Ch. Do Mor Director # H-383777 Sire of 10 Champions:

Do Mor Dungaree Doll H-588035 Director’s Miss Perfection H-777066 S. K. Trooper H-888836 Talla Tres Jolie Eboness H-798281 Do Mor Debutante H-881255 Zeigler’s Gay Honey HA-37886 Ralph’s Tonette II HA-252594 Jackson’s Adorable Abegail HA-354332 Al-Cor’s Bundle of Joy HA-301102 Jackson’s Audacious Annajo HA-354331   Ch. Jim Dandy of Pine Lodge # A-765338 Sire of 3 Champions: Linghurst Mary Lou H-275168 Linghurst Jim Dandy H-315531 Do Mor Director H-383777

Ch. Kinsman Jimmy Valentine # H-310202 (over 15″) Sire of 13 Champions:

End O’ Maine Ridge Runner H-515818 (over 15″) J.P.Toboot H-562022 Kinsman Sparky H-412457 Kinsman Slicker H-412456 Kinsman Dismay H-578244 Kinsman Pearly H-526679 Kinsman Sonny Boy H-706639 Scholls Ferry Abigail H-873767 Buglair Candy HA-185332 Pine Crest Babbles Caper HA-257803 Barrall’s Jake HA-163203 Sailor Mike HA-233266 Buglair Ginger’s Image HA-373291

Ch. Randall’s Minor # A-278445

Sire of 4 Champions

Schaeffer’s Lady Minor H-16599 Anchorage Randy A-666 544 Prairie Creek Purity A-419545 Prairie Creek Parade A-419543

Ch. Security Smokey # H-46753

Sire of 6 Champions:

Do Mor Patrolette H-198327 Jandelo’s Gay Lady H-187959 Nappi of Napa H-348211 Jandelo’s Little Lady H-187958 Willow Hollow Smoke Signal H-394768 Young’s Lady’s Man H-377407

Ch. Travis Court Terwilliger # H-21984

Sire of 7 Champions:

Travis Court Happy Talk H-339 705 Kinsman Jimmy Valentine H-310202 Travis Court General Justice H-451685 Travis Court Voodoo Charm H-451686 Travis Court Quality Quail H-610890 Tallywood Cadet H-806510 Travis Court Penni Pattern H-917040