Dams of the Past

Whilst going through some old pedigrees, I found this list of Top Producers, prepared by a company called National Breeders Registry. Preparation date, October 15th 1966.
(The paperwork was scanned into my computer, so it is possible the computer may have misread a character)
Some Top Producing Dams 

Altopa Anita # A-784311
Dam of 2 Champions:

Altopa’s Able Tuck H-29165
Altopa Atom H-27185

Charijos Bar Lady # H-1814
Dam of 1 Champion:

o Mor Patrolette H-198327

 Charijos Betsy Jane # A-764801
Dam of 3 Champions:

Charijos Rosita H-154286
Betsy Jane Bugler H-67609 3
Charijos Sea Bee H-1062

Charmac Wise Girl # A-358174
Dam of 7 Champions:

Royal Oak Ronny A-708995
Krall’s Wise lady A-652290
Culver’s Charmac Judy A-570560
Culver’s Charmac Duchess A-570559

Charmac Little Colonel A-510173
Charmac Gay Boy A-472481
Wakem’s Jenny Wren A-410225


Ch. Do Mor Patrolette # H-198327
Dam of 2 Champions:

Do Mor Director H-383777
Do Mor Faith’s Flash H-296098

Ch End O’Maine Sweetheart # H-111780
Dam of 1 Champion:

End O’ Maine Ridge Runner H-515818

Fiedler’s Merry Girl # A-722894
Dam of 1 Champion:

Schaeffer’s Lady Minor H-16599


Ch. Gay Boy’s Faith #A-764890
Dam of 11 Champions:

Snelling’s Dapple John H-193508
Security Statesman H-193182
Faith’s Promice H-174172
Llame Bye H-133637
Security Signal H-30784
Security Smokey H-46753

Security Symbol H-46 752
Security Salute H-46 751
Security Stylish Bess H-176350
Cry Baby of Pinewood H-159215
Boja Annabel H-132000


Haycliff Hot Penny # H-109400
Dam of 2 Champions:

Kinsman Kre-Ton H-208567
Kinsman Jimmy Valentine H-310202

Judy of Pine Lodge # A-597659
Dam of 4 Champions:

Jim Dandy of Pine Lodge A-765338
Pepper of Pine Lodge A-842471

Delview Little Lady C H-13160
Windanola Charm H-136999


Ch. Schaeffer’s Lady Minor # H-16599
Dam of 2 Champions:

End O’ Maine Sweetheart H-111780
Fiedler’s Atomic Lady H-112537

Ch. Travis Court Phoebe # H-101587
Dam of 6 Champions:

Travis Court Terwilliger H-219845
Travis Court Tru-Love H-219843
Travis Court Debutante H-319642

Travis Court Tin Cup Fortune H-388373
Travis Court Phoebe II H-610877
Travis Court Phoebus Apollo H-610 876