Beagle Colors

Beagle Colors

Beagles come in many colors and variations of colors and none is any more correct than the other, but a matter of personal preference. When people think of a beagle, the first thought is a tricolor – like the ones shown immediately below…..
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But Beagles come in many colors as you can see below.


At about 3 weeks – click on pictures to enlarge

Multi Colored litter Open Marked puppies Litter with blue puppies
at one day
Liver and tri babies at about 4 weeks
Hairpied puppies From the top – tricolored, then lemon/white and bottom is harepied
At about 6 -8 weeks – click on pictures to enlarge
Tricolor Blue Tricolor Lemon/white

Mottle (or ticked)


Chocolate Tricolor Open marked

More Puppies

Chocolate Tricolor Blue Tricolor This pup has blue eyes


Mottle (or ticked)

Open Marked

Chocolate Tri



(chocolate with blue dilution)

Dark Blue Tricolor – Tricolor – Light Blue Tricolor

Light Blue Tricolor –  Tricolor – Dark Blue Tricolor